Wednesday, February 15, 2012
As usual, i just copypassed this article from its official site. Actually i've installed this version on my phone, but i haven't run it yet. This Opera Mini is specially designed with Valentine skin created by Obat73 and Liverdhee from It is the next version of Alpha 35 which has been modded and launched by Dzebb some times ago. Ykhandler said: "I append not much feature because i got only 2 days to do this. I dedicated this Opera Mini HUI in this Valentine's day to someone special this year. Although we are not much know each other, but i feel something for you. I specially designed this Opmin with some Valentine Quote to feel the Valentine's day. And I lock some feature with a Password, and i will tell you the Password later. Well, for now just enjoy my newest 2 days creation".

Download then try the browser to know about the features. Check the below link:

Opera Mini 4.4 Valentine's Day Handlerui 203


  1. Opera mini menurut ane emang kenceng banget sejalan dengan jaringan tempat tinggal saya..
    Happy blogging sob.. :)

  2. Anonymous2/17/2012

    Klo ditempat ane sih biasa2 aja bro, mentok di 25kb buat donlot. By the way, agan kesini sengaja mau ngasih ane solusi ya? Pasang threaded komen tapi dikasihnya yg javascript bukan css, lah mumet aku. :D - ada solusi gan? :jplease

    thanks mau berkunjung ke gubuk tua ini bro, moga ga kapok.