Saturday, February 04, 2012
Ain't like his little brother ("Wordpress"), blogger doesn't provide the users with a set-comment-button to show on comments. Yet, as blogger's blogs are made with flexibility in which you can add, remove, or even modify the elements that's been set, you can create and add a replay button to your blog. It's realy easy to create, all what you have to make is just to copypass a paragraph of code that i'm about to give to you.

Some what, with the code that i'm about to give, you're opted out with three styles of replay comment to show. Just simply determine whether to show its "Replay Comment" as text link, button, or even image, and sure firstly you should upload an image if you'd like to show it as an image.

Let's Get Down To The Bussiness

1. Sign in to blogger.
2. Go to Design.
3. Html.
4. Check the Expand Widget Template box to load the whole codes in your template.
5. Copy and save the entire codes in the box for anticipation of making any mistakes when you modify your template. Or simply download your codes through the Download Full Template link.
6. Copy and paste the code below just above the code < dd class='comment-footer'>. If your template doesn't have the code above, then find the following < div class='comment-footer'>.

To be the lesser arrangement the code in the box above looks like the below:

< span class='comment-reply'> < a expr:href='"" + + "&isPopup=true&postBody=%40%3C%61%20%68%72%65%66%3D%22%23" + data:comment.anchorName + "%22%3E" + + "%3C%2F%61%3E#form"' onclick=',"bloggerPopup","toolbar=0,location=0,statusbar=1,menubar=0,scrollbars =yes,width=380,height=150"); return false;'>< button>Replay this comment< / button>< / a>< / span>

Pay Attention On The Red Text

1. Change the 9999999999999999 with your own blog id. To know your blog id, simply go to your dashboard and then click "New Post". After, when you're at "The Posting Page" (it's the page "where you are" after clicking the New Post), check the url of that page and copy your blog id. - I'm considering that you got my point and have now known how to get your blog id.
2. Change the "Replay this comment" with any word that you want to show as thread on the comment.
3. Get rid of both the "< button>" and "< / button>" to show your replay comment in a plain text, not in the button mode.
4. Replace the following line with your image url to show the thread as an image: < button>Replay this comment< /button>. Here is an example code that you can use to replace the line to show your image as replay comment thread: < img src=" http://www.exam /image/replay-c omment.gif" / >

7. Save your template and you're done. Check if your code is working properly by making a comment on a post.

And don't hesitate to ask me if you get any eror. Good luck poeple.