Sunday, March 20, 2011
UC Browser 7.6 official version has been released a long time ago, but not for the handler version. now, after a long enough time, finally the yk handler has modified this version already. maybe you're now thinking, is there any new feature added in this version? that's it, huh? well, though now i post this but actually i've never tried to use this browser yet
but i think it must has at least "all" the features of his previous versions. even for the handler version such is issued in two optional types, which 1 is handlerui 123 and 2 is handlerui 200. don't know the one of the two types above is intended for those of "the specific phones" or what

to remind you about the uc 7.6 features, below is the lesser explanation for you

- copy/paste feature, lets you to copy text or even url of selected link. and also enables you to copy whole text screen or text page
- download manager, manage your file download to be paused/continued, or even canceled of course
- opening pages faster than previous versions with features www pre-load in the setting menu
- keep alive feature - to keep you stay connected while reading, so your connection won't be interupted
- shortcut that editable
- file manager, but not as great as opmod's file manager
- multy window
- auto complete address
- option for sending sms and making calls
- and some more

if you do not have it yet, click the links below to get it soon

UC 7.6 Official Handlerui 200 beta 4 Fix1.jar

UC 7.6 Official Handlerui 123 Fix1.jar

UC 7.6 Official Handlerui 200 beta 4.jar

UC 7.6 Official Handlerui 123.jar


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