Monday, March 28, 2011
did you know cs? of course you knew already and better than me. or perhaps you can play it very well, i don't doubt it. but do you know that now this game is also available for java enabled phone users? yea, this police and terorist game has been re-mounted/re-designed by someone "i don't know who", in order to be capable to run on java phones

according to my experience this game is very exciting that you play on pc, but i don't know how exciting this game to play on phones. but i have a feeling that this game is to be impressive too though may you only play it on your phone

well, if you don't have it yet and interest to play this game on your phone, or even if you are curious how it feels to bomb and shoot poeple, click the links below to get it soon/to know that feel soon

1) from my site:

counter strike laat (176 x 208) s60v2.jar

counter strike laat (240 x 320) s40, s60v3.jar

counter strike laat (320 x 240) s60v3.jar

2) don't know whose site:

counter strike laat 320x240 s6v3.jar

counter strike laat 240x320 for s40 and s60v3.jar

counter strike laat 176x208 s60v2.jar


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