Friday, March 25, 2011
You must be in the know already about the latest version of the operamini mod that's been released about a/two months ago, aren't you?, well, about three days ago i've posted an article about the latest handler version of the opmod at that time, operamini mod 4.2 rc2 handlerui 200 beta 4 fix 1. and today, just in 3 days or there abouts after the opmod 4.2 rc2 handlerui released, the opmod 4.2 rc3 has now already been released with perhaps some new excelences added. actually i'm now using this latest version of the opmod, but, to be honest, i just don't know what the new features are added in this newest version. i just know there are two new features in this newest version. those are:
1) the feature that enables the users to temporarily store the last entered text, that which you can set it up through the menu> tools> settings> text
2) is that now in the opmod 4.2 (rc) besides you can set up the server of the opmod, you can also set the address to connect in the opmod. perhaps it's just the same with the opmod 2.06 and 3.12 network features
some what may you need to know that for the version of the handler such is issued in two options just like the 4.2 rc2 handler
well, i think enough to explain about this latest version of the opmod, cuz such are not realy much new features added in this latest version of the opmod

if you do not have it yet, then just click the link below to get it son


1) for the opmod 4.2 rc3 original version, you can click here to download from my site. and

2) opmod 4.2 rc3 handler from my site:

for the handlerui 123, click here, and then just click here


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