Friday, March 04, 2011
mozat is a social networking site for mobile users established in about august 2006. the most mozat users come from indonesia. mozat provides many applications (full features available in the morange java client), such as push e-mail, browser, RSS reader, instant messaging like YM, MSN, Gtalk, ICQ, and mozat community itself which has millions of users spread around the world
even at this time you can enjoy some online games through this application, the games like "age ocean" which that is a fishing and war game. "friends for sale" (a fun game), and texas hold'em

armor life is an integrated social networking intended for mobile users, and this social networking is avalaible in morange/mozat
armor life is an application that combines social networking services including friendship, circle, push e-mail like hotmail/gmail/yahoo! mail/and some other service and imap e-mail, instant messaging (IM) such as msn/yahoo/google talk/mochat, chat rooms, photo albums, mini-blogs, short messages, phone books back up, rss, poke, poll, center applications, browsers, online games, and more
life armor is designed for entertainment purposes as well business needs. very
interactive and very easy to personalize, easy to use. armor life also has ability to connect through an independent network so you can connect through wifi or wireless network (gprs/edge/3g)
life armor can also be used on various kinds of brands and types of mobile phones, it's available for phones with typical operating system, so you're free to use it just how you want

on top of all those, this application is also available in handler version that will get you able to online freely., isn't this what you're looking for, huh? :D

well, if you do not have it yet, click the links below to get it soon

morange 5.03 handler.jar (sorry, the file does not exist)

morange 5.13 handler.jar (sorry, the file does not exist)

morange/mozat 5.20 handlerui

mozat 5.21 handlerui


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