Friday, March 25, 2011
you must be in the know already about the latest releases of operamini which have been launched a few days ago, and that which in these latest releases the opera software introduces not only for one new version, but some new version. those are operamini 4.3, operamini 60, and opera mobile 11
in case of the new operamini 4.3 and the older operamini 4.2. poeple say, the operamini 4.3's features such aren't realy different with his old version the operamini 4.2. and is claimed that the only feature clearly makes them both look a bit different is because of the view, which the most poeple claim the opmin 4.3's view can give them a new sensation that of course automatically it makes them be more excited to use that new opmin. even a bit more fine than the opmin 4.2's view
and about the features, poeple say it's just the same with the old version's features. actually not that 100% the same, there's one new feature added in this new version of the opmin, is the sharing feature that you can use to in relation to some social networking like "for sure" on facebook and twitter
but i take a pity, that is not yet available for the handler version. maybe we have to wait, maybe we just don't have to wait for anything

well, if you are now interested to try to run this new version of the operamini, then you can download it in a simple on the link below and just right now. and don't forget to rename the file becomes ".jar" after downloading. and here is your link: new operamini 4.3.24214 advanced (english international) here


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