Saturday, March 26, 2011
anybody, today, for your game collection i'll share a game that is probably good to be tried. that is the angry birds version 1.1. i just don't know if this game previously has never been intended for use with those of java enabled phones, i just know that now perhaps all of any java enabled phone users just possible to play this game on their phone
i don't ever try to play this game yet, so i can't give any assurance that you'll like this game. but by considering the size of this game which is about 1,1 M, i think it must be a good game that is deserve to be tried, you don't think so? then don't download it :D

if you do not have it yet and interest to play, just click the link below to get soon. and don't forget to rename the file becomes ".jar" after downloading

download the angry birds version 1.1.jar


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