Tuesday, March 22, 2011
as you know that once a new opmod released it must be remodified by the yk handler. so far, the yk handler has produced at least 4 till 7 releases for each opmod versions. and now i wanna tell you that the yk handler has released a new opmod handler version again, opmod 42 rc 2 handlerui 200 beta 4. this is a latest version of the yk handler
i can't explain about the new features or what new advantages you can get from this version, cuz i'm not yet ever using this new release. but i'm sure that it has all the features added in his previous versions

just to remind you that some of the features you can get from opmod 4.2 test 1, 2, 3, .., .., till the latest version, test 16, to be the lesser features among athers:

- download block, which lets you to download some files at the same time by adding links into download list first
- file manager, you can play media files, including video, view pictures, hide files, add or edit text, hex data, etc
- multy window
- shortcut that editable
- multy clipboard
- control back light
- shadow browsing that is recommended for sony E. users
- auto complete address
- own color skin maker
- copy and paste text screen/page
- screen shot
- option for sending sms
- ability to show url of selected link (you can also copy the url)
- syncronization
- hystori of google search in the google search coloum
- import/export pages or text just like you intend to
- import/export bookmarks
- and some more

i don't know why lately opmod is not named with name "test" anymore. whether this is just for sensation or what?

well, if you do not have it yet, then just click the link below to get it soon


opmod 4.2 rc 2 handlerui 200 beta 4.jar


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