Saturday, February 26, 2011
file manager always be an integral application for platforms and operating systems.
the presence of third-party applications or the file manager that has been in the pre-installed expected to manage files or existing folders in a handset. so the system can read and use existing files or folders more easily
minicommander is an application based on java platform MIDP 2.0 or J2ME intended to be file manager for j2me enabled phones that comes from russia with the developer named Yuri Kudrin
although this application is a file manager based on Java platform midp 2.0, but all j2me users must have this application
this application can also access the directory folder of internal as well as external memory
the option menu of this minicommander application has a setting field that's editable. for instance, the choice of language used
in case of language there are just two languages to choice, namely russian and english language. whereas in other setting field, you can also find settings for folders and files. some what you can create JAD and JAR files just on your mobile phone
for multimedia, this file manager also has multifunctional. through this application you can also see an image that has jpg and gif format. in addition, this application also
has multifunction as a music player that's able to play mp3 or older format? directly on your handset once you order to
well for those of you who have Java MIDP 2.0 enabled phones, maybe you must have this minicommander application. this application makes your phone able to get more leverage in managing files on your handset

if you do not have it yet, click the link below to get it soon


minicommander 4.2.jar


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