Monday, February 21, 2011
UC Browser 7.5 has been released a long time ago, and has also been modified by the handler, yk_handler, perhaps. there are many features in this
version, and here are some features of this version of uc browser

- copy/paste feature, lets you to copy text or even url of selected link. and also enables you to copy whole text screen or text page
- download manager, manage your file download to be paused/continued, or even canceled of course
- opening pages faster than previous versions with features www pre-load in the setting menu
- keep alive feature - to keep you stay connected while reading, so your connection won't be interupted
- shortcut that editable
- file manager, but not as great as opmod's file manager
- multy window
- auto complete address
- option for sending sms and making calls
- and some more

if you do not have it yet, click the link below to get it soon

Sorry, the file has been deleted. Check here for the latest version of this browser: All Uc Browser

Have a nice day. :)


  1. hey your link does not work

    I found this

    and I think it is the same

    1. Thanks brother, i'm going to update the post. It's a problem from the server.

      Anyway, that is just an old version, i'm sure you know about that. Just check in the category uc browser for the latest version. :)