Tuesday, February 22, 2011
one more good news for you who love chating. a few days ago ebuddy has released a new version again, "ebuddy 2.20". with this latest version, beside you can chat, now you can also update your status on facebook directly through ebuddy
on top of those, the most important is that the handler has modified this newest version by adding handler menu for your connection that supposes you to chat freely. but of course you need to find a working operator trick first in order to can chat freely :D

well, i'm sure you don't need any explanation from me to use this application. if you do not have it yet, just click one the links below to download it soon to your phone:

ebuddy 2.2.0 handlerui 200 beta 4.jar

eBuddy 2.2.0 Handlerui 150.jar

eBuddy 2.0.1 Handlerui 150.jar

eBuddy 1.5.0 Handlerui 200 beta 3.jar

eBuddy 1.5.0 Handlerui 150.zip

Ebuddy 1.5.0-b Handlerui 141.zip


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