Monday, February 28, 2011
before start giving a lecture for you, i wanna say: sorry in advance, cuz actually this trick's been posted by so realy many poeple since maybe january. "said the man whose article now i'm about to publish"
although i say this trick's been a long time popularized, but actually this trick is a bit different, "the man" said this trick could run without any registration. and that was true, now you realy just don't need to register anywhere in order to can surf freely

well, how to is completely easy. just take a minute and only in a step get done to set
just create a new access point with input:
- apn: just leave blank
- proxy:
- and port: 80
then straight away you're already enabled to use your default browser or opera mini's default setting to browse freely
but i suggest you to do not try to when you have a big enough amount of pulse. "the man" said it possibly charges you as usual
and in case of the trick if it does not work on your phone, try to register your XL to kapanlagi by dialing to *999*6*11*4#. it'll cost you weekly Rp.1000 - good luck, anybody!


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