Friday, February 25, 2011
one more good news for you, the newest version of nimbuzz "1.9" has been modified by someone. i don't know who's modified, but whoever modified it seems not the yk_handler. last time i visited yk i didn't find any nimbuzz 1.9 uploaded there
but maybe it's not a matter who's modified this newest version of nimbuzz, the most important is that you get a chance to online freely, isn't it?

below is an explanation of some advantages you can get from this newest version, it's not realy rich
1) enables you to go to chatting and active chatrooms directly from your start page
2) shows active chatrooms as well as updates of posts of active chatrooms in start page - facilitates you to know what your friends are talking about when you're in start page
3) simplifies your room – option to decide showing one page when navigating to top or the righ bottom side and start page using the left navigation
4) and some more

if you do not have it yet, then click the link below to get it soon

nimbuzz 1.90 handlerui 150 rev 1.jar

Or, Nimbuzz 1.7.2 Handlerui if you interest to download for the version a bit older than. and as well for the "touch users": Nimbuzz 1.7.2 Touch Handlerui 200 beta 1.jar


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