Tuesday, February 22, 2011
mig33 has launched a new version a few months ago. "mig33 version 4.5". mig33 is one of the most popular messengers for mobile phones that very cheap. at least than using blackberry which as you know it's so expensive
easy to get mig33 account, just complete a few questions, enter your phone number, then your account will be soon activated. some what you can use your mig33 as an email address
this latest version of mig33 is available for blackberry users, android, symbian and even any mobile phone users. mig33 also enables their users to connect to their other accounts like yahoo online, aim, facebook, etc
this latest version reportedly more stable than his older versions, not easy to hang, not easy to dc, and run faster. also poeple say it's been issued in two optional language, which 1st in english language and 2nd issued in indonesian language. but i don't know the truth, cuz actually though an indonesian i'm not yet ever using this application

if you do not have it yet, click the link below to get it soon. but, again, for the latest version is not yet modified, so if you wanna download the handler version you choose the older versions: mig33 4.30 handlerui 200 beta 1 rev 1 and mig33 4.2 handler, or even the older versions

mig33 4.5.jar

Mig33 v3.0.7 Handlerui 121.zip

Mig33 v3.0.7 Handlerui 132.zip

mig33 v4.1.0 handlerui 121-a.zip

mig33 4.2 handlerui 121 mod.jar (wait a few seconds then download)

mig33 v4.2.0.291-e Handlerui 143.zip

mig33 v4.2.0 Handlerui 121.zip

mig33 v4.3.0 Handlerui 200 beta 1.jar

mig33 v4.30 handlerui 200 beta 1 rev 1.jar


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