Sunday, April 08, 2012
1. Opera Mini Mod 4.2.1 Beta 18 (21881) Handlerui 203 - New update from DG-SC team. It's now attained the version of beta 18. It must be greater, but i don't know. I mean, previously i found it had an eror on paste feature. It didn't paste text properly when the text divided into more than one page, so now i got some hate up and well now i still use the fine version, Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 7.

2. Y! Messenger 2.1.0 - - This is Yahoo Messenger j2me version. This will enable you to chat or send email straight from the application. This one has a cool interface that will probably get you want to stay longer on the application. But maybe, this works only on Nokia S60v3 Phone. I signed it.

3. Prothom Alo 1.0 - While here is "something like application of news". And i just don't know if this is only for guys or world wide. Try or not try, whatever you want. I've signed the application.

4. Facebook 2.7.1 Handler - A facebook mobile application. Don't know if for chat or just the new version of the facebook application. Just take it if you want.

5. 2go 3.0.4 Handler - A realy popular enough chat application in Nigeria. If you wanna try it, then just go ahead. But maybe this app won't work with any tricks you may have.


  1. FrontQueary nd Proxy Server for Facebook 2.7.1 pls ...

  2. @Sidharth Prajosh : first, if you're asking me the trick to run it on free, i have no trick for you, cuz i myself also pay for it just as normally. And second, if you're asking me to add "front query and", then you came to wrong place, cuz i realy know nothing about programing. :D

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