Thursday, May 24, 2012
Well, now i'd like to give a lot of Nintendo Games, along with the Emulator to play the games of course, but not for only Symbian Phones, they're also for Java Phone users. And as the games are also for Java Phone users, then sure the Emulator is packaged in jar extension. The Emulator is called "Nescube Emulator". It works just fine like the Nes Emulator, but maybe a little heavier (On my N70-1 phone with no external memory). The Emulator also has the ability to play games in full screen and generates a smooth sound on almost any Java Enabled Phones.

How To?

*Just download and install the Emulator.

*Download any game you mean to play and place it somewhere on a folder. "If any", create a new folder on the folder "System" and place the game right inside that new folder.

*Open the Emulator and find the game in the new folder that you've just created if it doesn't automatically show up.

This Nescube Emulator requires Java MIDP-2.0, at least 1Mb RAM or there abouts, and JSR 75 enabled to run.

Nescube Emulator

Nescube Emulator

Download the games here: http:// 2012/04/nintendo- games-and-emulator- for-nokia.html


  1. Cool.but i can't get it to play the game in full screen on my nokia 2700 classic.

  2. Anonymous5/26/2012

    You've uploaded the demo versions for both 3.1 and 3.2.
    Did you manage to unlock them and play in color?
    If so, how did you do it?
    I tried emailing the developer of NESCube a while back but I don't think he's active anymore (

  3. No, i didn't. But, are both realy realy a demo version?, I'd tried the one and i guess it wasn't a demo version. I didn't even have to input any code to play my game.

  4. Anonymous5/27/2012

    True. But when I load a game its in black and white and I don't think you can save. When I go Main Menu -> Other -> Information -> Emulator, it says its v3.2 Demo. I managed to find version 3.2 beta which plays in color so its all good now. Can post a link if you want but I'm not sure about the legalities, only the demo version is free download I think

  5. Haha.. The one thing that you may wanna know about the internet, is that everything is okey as long as you're not the "maker". :D

    Just tell me the url but without linking it, just give it in plain text. I mean like this: .

    Actually i'm realy excited about this emulator since there are so many others better, lighter, and more in everything..

  6. Anonymous5/29/2012

    I can't remember the link sorry and I'm not going to trawl though my history to find it. Just google "nescube cracked" or "nescube colour", its not hard. And you can't post a link in plain text, that's dependent on the program reading your text, simply copying your post into wordpad will make your link clickable.
    You should give credit to Dr Lion from though. I don't know how lacking your morals are on the internet where you think no one can see you, but its just common courtesy. I don't agree with him for charging money for something Nintendo created, these emulators fall into the same category as fan fiction in my opinion, but he's obviously put a lot of work into it and deserves the recognition.

  7. That's fine bro. And about the maker, i'm sure he doesn't need to be mentioned here, he's got fame already. Some what, nobody seems will think consider i am the maker. :)