Friday, December 09, 2011
Just like the other, QQ Browser is a free, fast, and compact mobile browser that allows you to access thousands of sites on your phone as fast and easily as using a computer.

Here are some key features of “QQ Browser Mini for Java”:

* Web browsing – Satisfying webbrowsing experience, support wap and www page view.
* Bookmarks – Allow users to save and open bookmarks, faster and more convenient.
* Windows – Support multiple windows window management.
* Copy and paste – Support copying and pasting any text and URL.
* Shortcuts – Support using shortcuts to simplify operation.
* Themes and brightness set – Support adjusting themes and brightness, Support easily browsing in different scenes.

Important: Patching becomes complex with this new QQ unlike the previous version. Fortunately there has been a solution found to fix it. It's realy simple: After installation, run the browser, ”Cancel” all Prompts, go to the setting field> Handler Menu> Set again the trick> then Restart it. And you are done.

Here is your file:

Qq Browser Mini 2.2.5


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