Saturday, December 10, 2011
Fastest Indian Mobile Browser to access thousands of websites! Fastest Indian Mobile Browser to access thousands of sites on your mobile phone! With thousands of popular Indian sites already pre-embedded, the browser is simple to navigate and use. Mobile surfing is cheaper on iBrowser which is enabled through the advanced compression technology that can reduce data costs by up to 85%.

Handler Usage: Cancel/elect no for the Connection Prompt> then go to the Tap Dial Button> Set your Trick> Save> Exit the App> Open again the App> and finally, you can start browsing for free.

If your device is Touchscreen, China Phone, or there abouts, and doesn't support the Show On Start HUI, as such you might want to make a little change on the MANIFEST.MF. Just change the Handler1: 0 to Handler1: 1

Note: It is not adviced to show the HUI feature at start, the program will not run this way, unless needed. So, do tick on the show at start threat> Save and Restart the application. This problem has been found on QQ & ibibo.

Here is your file:

Ibrowser 2.2.5 Handlerui (Link Recommended)

Ibrowser 2.2.5 Handlerui (Original Link)

Ibrowser 2.2.5 Handlerui (Linking to the Handler Official Site)


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