Thursday, October 17, 2013
Apps And Game For China Phone, VXP Apps, Local Phone, Mediatek, Mtk, Device Non Java, No MRP Support, No NES

Indonesian Language: Beyond, Blueberry, Imo, Mito, Cross, Nexian, Nexcom, Huawei, Maxtron 1234567890. Aplikasi Buat Hp Cina Yg Tidak Bisa Menginstal Permainan Apa pun, atau tidak Ada Aplikasi Yg Cocok atau Bisa Di Instal. Cara Menambah Game atau Aplikasi Di Handphone Cina Yg Ga Support Java, MRP, ataupun Game NES.

Well, there are several types of chipsets that most china and local devices use in general, and each of those chipsets could support a different file extension respectively, some could support .mrp file extension, some others could support .vxp file extension, and some others with some other file extensions.

It's important for you to know what chipset does your device use, it can help you to find out what kind of file extension the device supports, even further it can also help you to find out the more detailed information about your device specifications, like RAM memory, CPU speed, etc.

Well, now if you don't know what file extension your device is able to expand, start to find out about it by knowing the chipset that your device uses, you can try to google out for that.

For Mediatek, or MTK devices, like what device i'm going to give some applications and games for here, its official website is mediatek dot com. You can find some informations about mediatek chipset on the website, you can find a list of various chipset series, and some other informations in connection to mediatek devices.

The short description above is just introduction for you, or for those who don't know anything about the local phone's chipset. I didn't say detail, but, i think that's all i need to tell you.


Please remember that all files here are only for MTK devices, which those are supposed to support .vxp file extension. Usually, there is an application manager on mtk devices, and if you go into the setting field, you'll find a notice like notification informing that it is using MRE, Mediatek Runtime Environtment. Or, if you find a notice that says your device is Mt6520, for example, it's using mediatek chipset.

So, here i list some vxp applications and games for you, just download the files. There are more than 70 files, and most of those files are working on my phone: 3.5", 320x480 resolution, MRE 3.0.0, mt6250. Super Mario.vxp We Chat.vxp MSN.vxp Metal Slug.vxp Dmax Browser v1 (english).vxp Catch Bug.vxp English Wikipedia Thesaurus.vxp Facebook Lite Mediatek.vxp Yahoo! Mail.vxp Sms Translator.vxp Navigation Dogs.vxp Afmusic.vxp Bomber Man.vxp Brain Challenge 3.vxp Nexian Messenger.vxp Usual Facebook App.vxp Robin Hood.vxp Stop Watch.vxp Plants vs Zombies.vxp Mig33.vxp Yahoo! Messenger.vxp Star Zuma.vxp Rington Maker.rar Talking Tom.vxp Fishing Fun.vxp Angry Birds (Trial - 11 level).vxp Opera 12.vxp Fruit Ninja (Prompt sms like trial, but no charge if no pulse, but need connection).vxp Air War.vxp And Meet Eva.vxp Gold Miner.vxp Operamini 4.3 (Chinese).vxp Sudoku.vxp Lich Hay.vxp Operamini 4.4 (English).vxp Thunder Fighter.vxp Plants vs Zombie.vxp Document Reader.vxp KakaoTalk.vxp PDF Reader.vxp Cat Ninja Fly.vxp Ninja School.vxp Ebuddy.vxp Need For Speed.vxp Thank.vxp Assassin Creed.vxp Football Baby Puzzle.vxp Ninja Son.vxp Silent Hunter.vxp RocketTalk.vxp Twitter.vxp QQ Browser.vxp Plant War Zombie.vxp Asphalt Adrenaline No Restriction.vxp Modern Combat.vxp Lost Frog.vxp Dungeon Hunter.vxp Throw The Egg.vxp One Piece.vxp

Well, for temporary, you can also visit page to download all files above, all in one page:

And that, all files above are originally from dmaxmrp, you can visit that website for more apps, but, likely you'll find many files are not working if you instal.


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